Explosive, Orgasmic, Satisfying. Why Karen Is Still The Most Sought After Phone Sex Girl

Launched before the creation of Google, Karen-phone-sex.com website is one of THE most visited sites in our industry.

The reason is simple… The site is owned by Karen and Karen has been providing explosive, satisfying and mind blowing orgasms by phone for over 15 years.

mainI once asked Karen how many men she had actually gave an orgasm to and it was one of those revealing moments when you realize how significant a question can be… She paused for a few minutes, thought about it and told me …twelve hundred.

I was taken by surprise by the sheer number of orgasms she had been responsible for and all I could say was… wow… Twelve hundred men in the past what… 15 years? Her answer put me in a state of shock.

“No dear… Twelve hundred people per year, though these days, I don’t get to have the time of such pleasure all that often, busy as I am with everything else…”

Imagine that! I know I can’t… So instead of lingering as to the number, I asked her if there were times which more memorable than others.

If her previous answer had been succinct, this time, Karen became animated and a whole lot more talkative. There clearly were many memorable memories in her litany of orgasm distribution…

I’ll share with you just the one:

The fastest time from beginning to end was 14 seconds. I remember it as if was yesterday and yet it was many, many years ago. The guy was young, had been “playing” with himself for a while and I started to speak with him, I heard one of those revealing groans that happen usually after a few minutes and then he was silent for a moment. Now, men often time will put the phone down after they come, a little like falling asleep when they are done with you (laugh) but this man didn’t. I could hear him breath and after a minute or so, we got to talk a little. I made him come three times after that. He had paid for a 15 minute call, but he was so charming and I was so impressed with his recuperation qualities that by the end of his 4th orgasm, 21 minutes had passed. Think about it… That’s an orgasm every 5 minutes! I have never had anything like it since. (Another laugh)

These days, whilst not able to take calls herself as many times as she would have liked, you can still get extraordinary cheap phone sex by visiting her site. You may not talk to her, but then again, with a little luck, you might!